Nakashento is where Scottish ingenuity meets Japanese sensibility.
We make items for you and your home. 

We love to make beautiful things for everyday living and refurbish found objects. We also like to share, educate, and inspire people to make things – Nakashento workshops will be coming soon!

Our handmade prints, bowls and other hand-crafted wares are made in small production runs – each piece is an original, made with thoughtful consideration and pure joy. At Nakashento, our seemingly simple designs are often achieved through a complex process. All of our silk screen prints are created through a solar process – we only use Sun and water to burn our screen images. All of our bowls are made with non-toxic materials and we happily spend countless hours pouring over design patterns.

We spend our time and energy working on things that we truly love doing and that energy finds its way into each item that we make.


Thank you for your interest and support and we hope you enjoy our little shop.

-Team Nakashento

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